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The purpose of this Glossary is to define as clearly and succinctly as possible the technical terms I use in my dissertation and in the later articles I have been posting on Online Publications. While it excludes such well-known terms as hypermeter, it includes not only terms I coined but also those coined by other theorists and musicologists with whose technical apparatus the reader may not be familiar (e.g., Elaine Sisman's Rhetorical tone, Frank Samarotto's Shadow meter) along with an abbreviated reference to their point of introduction in the literature (Sisman 1997, Samarotto 1999a). The longer, more detailed definitions are those that explain terms I have borrowed from other disciplines (e.g., Rhetorical structure): An account of the use I have made of them will, I hope, help the reader in apprehending the specific meaning that attaches to them here.

Click here to download a PDF file of the Glossary.